About Us

About Us

We are an indie game development studio working hard to develop creative and fun titles that we love! Our team members are spread out all across the globe. We are motivated by our passion for gaming and determination to succeed. We are dedicating all of the spare time we can to help our studio grow into a well known industry name.

Our Mission

We are committed to the combination of passion and success. We strive to create content we care deeply about with the player experience always in mind.

We always add that special touch

Our content is a labor of love and creativity. We pour our passion into our projects to deliver a unique experience for our players.

We yearn to be heard

We understand that we are a grain of sand on a wide beach of competition. We seek out opportunities to be heard and differentiate ourselves from others.

We value relationships and team work

Not just the relationships between our team, but also our relationships with other developers. We act with professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine excitement to forge relationships and create a good reputation for ourselves in the industry.