dragon drop

Dragon Drop

Dragon Drop

Drop Into Adventure!

Dragon Drop is being created for Steam. The game is about a stick figure named Linus who must save Princess Linia from the clutches of an evil dragon named Feytch. The hero teams up with a powerful sorceress named Segmentia, who has the power to reach through dimensions to grab objects from others worlds. Through this portal the player can help Linus by dragging and dropping platforms and other items throughout the level.


Dragon Drop is a puzzle platformer giving the player the ability to drag and drop objects from their tool box into the game world. These objects will help the player overcome various obstacles and include: platforms, trampolines, stones, dynamite, and candles. There are also equip-able items like boots, a sword, and an umbrella. Each level has multiple map pieces to collect, as well as a single mystical orb. These collectables will prove a challenge to collect! Brave players who collect all of the collectables in a single level on one attempt will receive a three star rating for that level! The map pieces are used to unlock the dangerous boss level at the end of each world. If the player collects enough mystical orbs, secret bonus levels await them! Maybe something interesting will happen if a player collects them all…only the best Dragon Droppers will find out!

Dragon Drop is now available on Steam for PC and Mac!

Available on Steam