Memory: Match and Catch!

Memory: Match and Catch!

Match em! Catch em!

In Memory Match and Catch! the player must find and collect all of the animals and objects scattered throughout eight different lands. Match two of the same card and that animal or object is added to your collection! Collect enough matches to unlock the next world. Try to collect them all!

Go on an adventure to collect every animal. Each area has different animals and objects to collect! The areas in the game are City, Farm, Ocean, Jungle, Savannah, Arctic, Space, and Fantasy.

Or, use quick play mode to aim for the high score and improve your cognitive ability by playing a quick game each day!

Memory Match and Catch! is now available for iOS and Android!


Go on an adventure through eight themed worlds. Match two of the same animal or object together to make a match. Match all the cards in a level to win!

  • Any animals or objects you match for the first time are added to your collection! There are over 170 cute and fun animals and objects to collect!
  • Each animal or object you collect unlocks a fun fact! Learn interesting things and impress your friends!
  • Grow your collection to unlock new and more challenging worlds. Each world has a unique theme and new animals and objects to catch and collect! Each new world requires a certain number of catches to unlock. Become a Memory master and unlock all eight worlds!
  • Challenge Quick Play mode daily to keep your mind sharp! Playing a few games each day will improve your memory over time.
  • Unlock bronze, silver, and gold medals in Quick Play mode and aim for a new high score! Quick Play mode offers the flexibility to play until you finish no matter how many missed matches you make. Only your score will be affected so play at your own pace!
  • Challenge Easy, Medium, Difficult, Hard, or Expert difficulty in Quick Play mode. Each difficulty has more cards than the last. Can you unlock a gold medal in each mode?

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