rupert n riley

Rupert N’ Riley: Shipwrecked

Rupert N Riley: Shipwrecked

Goin' Fish'n

Rupert n’ Riley is a comical 2D side scrolling underwater shooting adventure created for PC and Android. The object of the game is to capture the fish that come as orders from Riley on the boat with the bubble gun and turn them in without losing all Rupert’s air to move on to the next level.

However, along with fish that need to be captured there are also other challenges on each level. Rupert must keep up with Riley as he moves forward, and watch out for enemy fish.   Luckily, Rupert has rigged his bubble gun to fire pearls at the enemy fish as he collects Riley’s ever growing list of fish he wants. The game also packs a lot of content with bosses, bonus levels, and achievements.


Rupert and Riley wash up on a small island after their cruise ship sinks. A few items also wash up a little later, including a bubble gun, a scuba suit, and a small wooden boat. With nothing to eat on the island, and his new fear of the water, Riley begins to think of Rupert as food.  However, Rupert has a desire to live more than his hate for water, and being the intelligent cat that he is, he diverts Riley’s attention to his brilliant idea of catching fish.  Riley now safe and dry in the small boat, Rupert will dive beneath the waves and catch the fish that picky Riley requests.

Good plan Rupert! Hopefully this will keep Riley happy! Unfortunately, both are so preoccupied they fail to see something even hungrier watching them…

Rupert N Riley: Shipwrecked is currently in development and is expected for release later in 2016. Stay tuned to our website for more details.